Buick Parts

Founded in 1903 by inventor David Dunbar Buick, the Buick Motor Company is the second oldest automaker in the United States. David Dunbar Buick originally worked at a company that manufactured plumbing equipment, which he and a partner took over during a period of slow sales. The partner handled the business aspects while Buick invented a lawn sprinkler and a technique for coating cast iron with vitreous enamel, which led to considerable financial success and enabled Buick to pursue a personal interest in gasoline engines. The plumbing equipment business was later sold after a falling out with his business partner, and Buick launched his car company shortly thereafter. Over the next three years Buick developed a prototype automobile and invented the revolutionary overhead valve engine (the most common type of engine in use today), but exhausted his startup capital doing so and was forced to borrow $5,000 of investment money from a friend. Just one year later Buick sold his company stock and parted ways with his automobile business to invest (unsuccessfully) in California oil and Florida real estate. Though the Buick Motor Company has sold more than thirty-five million stylish and technologically advanced cars since its inception, David Dunbar Buick died of colon cancer in 1929, too broke to afford even a telephone.

Today proud owners of Buick cars and SUVs go to great lengths to maximize the performance and longevity of their vehicles, which includes routine maintenance and use of high-quality Buick parts. Rather than spend a fortune at the Buick dealer, many purchase from an online Buick parts catalog such as Car Parts Discount. We offer a huge selection of late-model Buick auto parts and classic Buick restoration parts, with fast shipping and friendly customer service. CPD even sells genuine OEM Buick parts, which are exactly the same as you'd get from your local Buick dealer but without the big markup. If cost is a concern, take a look at all of our aftermarket Buick parts, which are functionally the same as OEM genuine Buick parts but are much less expensive. Used Buick parts should only be used as a last resort if a new aftermarket or OEM Buick parts are not available, as used Buick parts are usually just as worn out as the component being replaced. Just enter your year and model into the Car Parts Discount web site to find out how much you can save on the new and classic Buick parts you need!



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