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Often referred to as "Chevy", Chevrolet is one of the many General Motors (GM) brands of automobiles. Founded in 1911 by racecar driver Louis Chevrolet and GM founder William Durant, Chevrolet was created to compete with the immensely popular Ford Model T. Louis Chevrolet had been racing Buicks for Durant, who at the time was the head of the Buick Motor Company after being publicly ejected from GM in 1910. Durant wanted to repair his reputation as a carmaker, and believed he could do it with Louis Chevrolet's cutting-edge designs, premium quality Chevy parts, and a new brand of automobile.

Chevy parts manufacturing began in Toronto, Canada, and the line was purchased a few years later by General Motors to become General Motors of Canada. Sales of vehicles and Chevy parts from Chevrolet's United States operations were strong and profitable enough for Durant to purchase a majority stake in GM stock, and by 1917 Durant was once again at the helm of General Motors as President. Durant merged Chevrolet into GM as a separate division, and in 1918 unveiled the Chevrolet overhead-valve inline six cylinder engine, which used innovative Chevy parts & technology to create much more power than the ubiquitous low-compression flat head engines of the period.

Chevy continued to be a major player in the 1950s and 1960s American auto scene, launching the venerable small-block V8 and the first fuel-injected automobile engine. (Though most of the Chevy parts have changed, the basic Chevy 350 engine design has remained the same.) In fact, in 1963 ten percent of all cars sold in the US were Chevrolets.

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Some Chevrolet owners think they can save money by going with used Chevy parts, but that can be a mistake. Used Chevy parts are often pulled from automobiles with just as many miles as the failed Chevy part on your vehicle, which means the replacement part could fail at any time. If you're on a budget, it's better to go with brand-new, discount Chevy parts online. That way you get a new Chevy auto part, and the peace of mind that comes with it.

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