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Founded by Henry Ford in 1903 with twenty-eight thousand dollars of investment capital, the Ford Motor Company is currently the fourth-largest automaker in the world and is a routine recipient of initial quality awards from J.D. Power and Associates. It was one of the first companies to implement parts and process standardization, and the use of special tools to reduce the need for skilled labor in mass manufacturing ("Fordism"). It is said that Ford even required his material suppliers to use wood shipping containers made to his exact specifications, which were disassembled after delivery and turned into ready-made Ford parts for Model T seats. These advances in efficiency enabled the company to sell automobiles at a cost almost anyone could afford (including his employees), which revolutionized personal transportation in pre-WWI America.

With Alan R. Mulally at the helm as President and CEO, the Ford Motor Company is currently headquartered in Deerborn, Michigan, and has more than 200,000 employees working in divisions throughout the world. Ford designs and manufactures a wide variety of car and trucks appropriate for each region, from sub-compact cars in Asia to family sedans in Australia. The Ford car parts to build these vehicles are either manufactured locally to reduce shipping costs, or Ford truck parts are imported.

Ford invests a considerable amount of research into environmentally-sound vehicles and alternative propulsion systems, such as compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, flexible fuel (E85, E100) automobiles, hydrogen fuel cell power trains, and electric/hybrid cars and trucks. And if Ford parts are not readily available for these high-tech projects, Ford doesn't hesitate to license technology from other automakers.

Give the tremendous amount of automobile experience and technology that goes into each Ford, "Blue Oval" car and truck enthusiasts can definitely be proud to drive these trusty vehicles. Loyal Ford owners are often sticklers for proper maintenance and repair, and tend to only buy genuine OEM Ford parts online or aftermarket Ford auto parts.

Car Parts Discount specializes in a wide variety of online Ford parts for early through late-model Ford cars and trucks. Our Ford parts online warehouse stocks popular Ford components and draws from a massive network of replacement Ford parts distributors, so most Ford auto parts ship in just a day or two. Choose between genuine Ford parts (just like you'd get from the dealer) and aftermarket components, which are often Ford OEM parts quality, without the dealer price premium. Cheap, used Ford parts should only be used as a last resort, as these components are often just as worn-out as the Ford auto parts being replaced. Better to spend slightly more for brand-new Ford parts online, and not have to worry about yourself or a loved one being stranded on the side of the road when an old Ford part finally breaks down!

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