Saturn Parts

The Saturn Corporation began in the mid 1980's as a General Motors small-car project originally designed to be released under one of its brands. However, the increasing popularity of the compact car market prompted GM to launch Saturn as its own marque. Saturn vehicles were built in an independent assembly plant in Tennessee, and sold through independent dealers. They were extremely popular amongst cost conscious buyers, and had already sold 1 million vehicles inside of 5 years.

Over the manufacturer's 20-year lifespan, Saturn produced compact sedans, coupes, and some wagons to the tune of over 3 million vehicles. They also produced the Vue and Outlook SUVs, the Relay minivan, Sky roadster , and the infamous EV1. Even though Saturn put up some big sales numbers, their production costs remained higher than their other market competitors. As a result, they could never push out their Japanese equivalents. GM ended production of Saturn vehicles in 2010.

But that doesn't mean that you can't find Saturn parts anymore. In fact, we sell a large selection of new Saturn parts online at Car Parts Discount. If you need to replace a fuel pump, crank sensor, brakes, or shocks, our aftermarket and genuine Saturn parts are perfect. Replacement Saturn parts are easy to fine online at great prices, leaving you no need to go to a junk yard to find used Saturn parts anymore. Don't delay, search our site now.



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