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4WD Transfer Case Actuator

Aftermarket & OEM 4WD Transfer Case Actuator

When a 4WD transfer case actuator fails, the 4WD mode of your vehicle might move into position, but more than likely it will not lock in position and your vehicle will remain in 2WD mode. The operator can hear the movement in the transfer case, but the indicator light informing the operator of the vehicle that the vehicle is now in 4WD mode does not illuminate. Another name for the 4WD transfer case actuator is transfer case encoder shifter motor. When this component fails, the transfer case and indicator light will not always correspond with each other and the vehicle could be in one mode while the light indicates it is in another.

The 4WD transfer case actuator is the mechanism that moves the different gears in the transfer case so different modes can be accessed by the operator of the vehicle. This is a metal and polymer component that is attached to the exterior of the transfer case. It has an electrical motor in it that actually moves the different gears into position so the mode of drive can be changed for the vehicle. The most common cause for the 4WD transfer case actuator to fail is the electrical motor in it burning out.

To replace the 4WD transfer case actuator requires access to under the vehicle. With the battery disconnected the electrical plug running to the actuator can be taken off then the mounting bolts removed. Once the old component is removed in its entirety, the new 4WD transfer case actuator can be mounted. Look at the old component and makes sure none of the casing is missing or the bottom of the transfer case will have to be cleaned for debris before the vehicle is placed back into service.