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Select Your VehicleThe Gates Corporation, based out of Denver Colorado, was founded by Charles Gates in 1911. The company is a world leader and premier manufacturer; providing virtually every automotive industry vertical (dealer, jobber, wholesaler, retailer) with original equipment quality parts all produced in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Gates is famous for its durable timing belt component kits, drive/serpentine belts, tensioners and pulleys. They also produce engine cooling components such as thermostats, radiator hoses, and water pumps, as well as power steering parts like rack and pinion repair kits, seals, power steering hoses, and more.

Until it stops working, most people will never appreciate how important the A/C compressor is. The A/C compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system, without it you have no A/C. The compressor can fail for many reasons; the most common two are either the actual compressor motor wears out or the clutch stops working. Some makes of compressors will allow you to change the clutch alone, others you cannot remove the clutch or the clutch is not available by its self so you have to replace the whole compressor. When you have to replace yours, trust Gates A/C compressors.

Flex Coupling, OEM: EG1
Gates Flex Coupling EG1
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Eurogrip1/2 Coupler

Flex Coupling, OEM: GAT K0EG1/GATK0EG1
Gates Flex Coupling GAT K0EG1
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OEM: GAT K0EG1, Item: 146151

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Eurogrip1/2 Coupler/Pulley Kit