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Spectra Premium A/C Compressor

Select Your VehicleIn 1989, when it opened its first gas tank manufacturing facility in Quebec, Canada, Spectra Premium had only two dozen employees. Now, with over 1,000 employees, it operates out of multiple facilities in the US and Canada. Its product line includes high quality fuel delivery products like fuel tanks and fuel pump assemblies, along with engine cooling and HVAC parts such as gas tanks, radiators, and heater cores. They even produce sensitive engine components like A/C receiver driers and ignition coils. Spectra Premium's mission is to oil pans.

Most people will never think twice about the condition of their A/C compressor until it stops working. While all of the parts in the air conditioning system are important, arguably the most important is the compressor, without it you wouldn't have air conditioning. The compressor can fail for many reasons; the most common two are either the actual compressor motor wears out or the clutch stops working. With some compressors you can get away with just changing the clutch, others however you need to replace the entire compressor. When you have to replace yours, trust Spectra Premium A/C compressors.

A/C Compressor, OEM: 0610202
Spectra Premium A/C Compressor 0610202
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A/C Compressor, OEM: 0658141
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A/C Compressor, OEM: 0610159
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