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The Chrysler A/C Compressor is supplied with power from the drive belt system on your vehicle. This is a continuous source of power but is only utilized when the clutch on the front of the A/C compressor is activated which occurs with a clicking noise and the end of the pulley turning.

The A/C compressor on your Chrysler is a dry sump type of mechanical device. This is to say there is no oil sump to lubricate the moving interior parts of it. It receives its lubrication from the refrigerant oil that is suspended in the flowing Freon in this closed loop system. In time the Chrysler A/C compressor will begins to make a knocking noise. This is when the oil in this system is not sufficient to lubricate the moving parts. To aid in lubricating the parts, refrigerant oil can be injected into the system on the low pressure side of it. This is the intake side of the compressor and is the same location in which Freon is added.

If the knocking noise from the A/C compressor does not subside, then the next course of action by the Chrysler owner is to replace the compressor. If additional refrigerant oil is added to this A/C system, its ability to cool down the passenger compartment will be negatively effected.

The replacement of the A/C compressor can be completed by the owner of the Chrysler upon certain conditions. The most important of these conditions is that the A/C system has to be free of any Freon. If the system is pressurized, then only an authorized technician can drain the system of Freon and replace this A/C component. This is a federal regulation that is in place to prevent the accidental release of Freon into the atmosphere.

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