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The need for the Honda A/C Condenser Fan Motor has become necessary because of all the traffic most motorist now encounter when traveling on the roadways across our nation. The A/C condenser fan motor is the power behind the fan blade that cools the Freon in the A/C system where it is at its highest temperature. This has become required since so many Honda owners now have to sit still in traffic during hot summer days.

Before the installation of the A/C condenser fans motors became standard equipment on Hondas, passengers and drivers were fully aware of the dramatic temperature difference in what the A/C system could produce e when the vehicle was moving compared to when it was sitting still. With the A/C condenser fan motor operating, air can pass over the condenser so the heat generated by that system can be properly dissipated. When the Honda A/C condenser fan motor fails to initialize, the heat cannot be dissipated. This causes the air in system that cools the passenger compartment to rise in its temperature making the occupants uncomfortable. It also puts an increased level of stress on the entire A/C system which could lead to a rupture of a seal.

On most models of Honda, the A/C condenser fan motor is between the condenser and the radiator. It can be easily replaced without the A/c system being opened. The A/C condenser might have to have its mounts loosened, but the lines and hoses to it should remain intact. This will provide enough clearance for the removal of this electrical device and its replacement to be put into place. The only other way to provide this cooling is to never drive in traffic or live way up north were it never gets hot enough to need the A/C system.