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Chevrolet A/C Condenser

The Chevrolet A/C condenser is part of your passenger compartment cooling system that is located just in front of your radiator of the car. Its function is to cool the compressed Freon that just left the A/C compressor so an efficient cooling effect can be performed by the orifice of the air conditioning system. This will make it possible to cool down your passengers in the cabin of your vehicle. The A/C condenser looks similar to your radiator. The main differences are there is no filler cap and it is thinner. Just like with your radiator, if the fins on the A/C condenser core are blocked for any reason, this cooling of the Freon will not be sufficient for the air conditioning on your Chevrolet to work properly. If a leak develops in your Chevrolet A/C condenser core it can be identified by a dirt spot. The Freon in this closed loop system has oil which will attract the dirt once it leaves the system. The dirt is not coming from inside your air conditioning system. The A/C condenser is one of the places you can check for a leak if your air conditioning is not blowing cold enough. Just like your radiator, the A/C condenser core can be damaged from debris that enters the front of you Chevrolet's grill. It can also developed a leak if there is moisture present in the air conditioning system and acid forms that eat away at the aluminum which this component is made from. If this component or any other part of your Chevrolet's air conditioning system is replaced, the receiver drier and accumulator must also be replaced so no more acid can develop in this closed loop system. Since Freon is listed as a hazardous material only a qualified and certified technician can replace this part of your car.

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