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Ford A/C Condenser

Your Ford A/C condenser is the part of your air conditioning system that removes the heat from the refrigerant so that cold air can be blown into the passenger compartment. This component is located near the radiator and grille at the front end of your vehicle. The A/C condenser will generally last the life time of your vehicle as long as it is not punctured. A puncture can occur if an object pierces the front grill and becomes lodged in the A/C condenser core's fins. Just like a radiator, the condenser is a sealed unit and only made out of aluminum. If a leak occurs, replacement is the only solution to seal and fix your air conditioning system. On your Ford, the A/C condenser is the component the Freon is closed after it is compressed in the A/C compressor. Without air flowing over this auto part to remove the heat, your passenger compartment cannot be cooled. This is why your Ford's climate control system cools better when it is in motion rather than sitting in traffic. If you need to replace your Ford A/C condenser remember this is a closed loop system that cannot have any moisture in it. Moisture and refrigerant creates an acid which dissolves aluminum creating a leak. Because of this, when this or any part of your air conditioning system on your Ford is being replaced, the A/C dryer must also be replaced. Because of regulation by the US government regulating the use and discharging of refrigerant, only authorized technicians can replace the A/C condenser or other parts of this system. They have the equipment to trap and dispose of the used refrigerant so it will not escape into the atmosphere where it destroys the ozone layer.

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