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The function of the Honda A/C condenser is to reduce the temperature of the refrigerant in your passenger temperature control system. The A/C condenser is usually located right in front of the radiator behind the grille of your Honda. When the refrigerant leaves the compressor it travels through a line to the A/C condenser. In this line is the nipple where the high pressure reading for your air conditioning system is measured. The air flowing through the fins on the condenser core cools the refrigerant. When your Honda is stopping in traffic and is parked with the air conditioning running, the occupants will notice the cooling effect is diminished because of the lower air flow going over the A/C condenser. The A/C condenser can be damaged by an object passing through the grille of the Honda from the road, or if there is any moisture in the air conditioning system itself. The moisture combines with the refrigerant creating an acid that eats at the aluminum parts including the condenser. This is why when any component of the air conditioning system is replaced that requires the system to be opened to the atmosphere, the receiver drier also has to be replaced. This is the component that removes the moisture from the refrigerant before any damage can occur. The Honda A/C condenser can be replaced by the owner if the system is already open to the atmosphere and all of the refrigerant is already released by accident. It is against the law to release refrigerant into the atmosphere, which is the reason most air conditioning components are changed out by qualified and trained technicians that are certified in this specific type of auto repair.

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