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Chevrolet A/C Hoses, Pipes and Filters

The replacement Chevrolet A/C Hoses, Pipes and Filters are deigned to be of the same dimensions and capabilities of the original factory parts they are replacing. This allows for the replacement components to fit in securely with no need for manipulating them.

The fitting securely of the A/C hoses, pipes and filters in the passenger cooling system are critical to their ability to be a closed loop system. This way the Freon will remain not only in the system, but moisture will be kept out of it on your Chevrolet. The reason the moisture has to remain outside of the closed loop system that includes the A/C hoses, pipes and filters is that when moisture mixes with Freon, it creates an acid. The acid will eat away at the A/C components from the inside out causing a breach in this system and incapacitate the A/C system on your Chevrolet.

Included in the A/C hoses, pipes and filters are components for both the low pressure side of the system along with those necessary for the high pressure side. The high pressure side components are smaller in diameter with thicker walls and how an observer can easily tell the difference in them.

Unless the system on your Chevrolet is already open to the outside atmosphere, a qualified and authorized technician is the only person that can perform a repair on you're A/C system by law including the replacement of the A/c hoses, pipes and filters. This is so no Freon is purposely released into the atmosphere.

The Chevrolet A/C hoses, pipes and filters and constructed of aluminum and polymer components. They are designed to last just as long as they are not exposed to any acids that will make them disintegrate.

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