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It is the Dodge A/C Hoses and Pipes that channel the Freon through your system so the passengers can feel relief from the summer heat while traveling with you. The Dodge A/C filters job to remove the moisture in this closed loop system so it can remain intact performing its duty for an extended period of time.

The use of the A/C hoses is so there can be a flexible connection from the A/C compressor mounted on the engine with the rest of the system on your Dodge. The rest of the system is connected with A/C pipes that act as conduits for the pressurized Freon on the high side and low pressure Freon on the low side of the system.

The reason for an A/C filter in this closed loop system on your Dodge is to remove even the smallest amount of moisture that might have entered it. This can be from it not be evacuated properly before the system was filled with Freon or it could be in the Freon itself. The problem with moisture is when it is mixed with Freon, it forms an acid. Since the A/C components are made mainly out of aluminum, the acid the moisture creates will eat away at them from the inside out. This damage cannot be noticed until there is a leak in this system causes the Freon to depart from the system against the wishes of the owner of the vehicle.

To help prevent the formation of leaks from this damaging acid, a new A/ C filter should be installed on the A/C system each and every time this system on your Dodge is opened for repairs.

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