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The longevity of the Ford A/C hoses and pipes is dependent on several factors: the condition on which they operate under and their exposure to harsh environments. The greatest danger to the A/C hoses and pipes is their exposure to moisture in the system. If for any reason, this closed loop system is breached, a new A/C filter has to be placed on it. This will remove any of the moisture that entered the system when it was exposed to the outside atmosphere your Ford was presently positioned in. Not only that, but it will also filter out potentially tiny particulates and debris that accumulate in the refrigerant so that they do not end up back inside the compressor pump. The reason moisture is so dangerous to the A/C hoses and pipes is that they are made from polymer and aluminum materials. When moisture mixes with the refrigerant used by the system, a dangerous acid is formed in the A/ C system in your Ford vehicle. This acid will eat away at any and all places it comes in contact with including the A/C hoses, pipes, and filter unit causing a new breach in the A/C system. To help identify the different sections of the A/C system is rather simple. The A/C hoses, pipes, and filter that are on the low pressure side of the system are larger in diameter than those on the high pressure side. In addition there is no filter on the high pressure side of the A/C system. A breach in any of the Ford A/C hoses, pipes or filter can be recognized because of the oil in the A/C system. This oil will stay close to the breach and collect dirt. This will make it easier for the Ford owner to not only know if there is a breach in their A/C system but its location.

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