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Chevrolet A/C Receiver Drier & Accumulator

The purpose of the Chevrolet A/C receiver drier and accumulator is to remove any and all moisture from the HVAC system of your car. This component is on the low pressure side of your air conditioning system and is the typical place a technician checks the low side pressure of the system. Most of the lines and components of the air conditioning system on your Chevrolet is made of aluminum. Moisture and Freon combined are acidic and will eat away at this aluminum. The A/C receiver drier (sometimes called an accumulator) on your Chevrolet will reduce and trap this acidic component from your closed loop system. The A/C accumulator for your car is located next to the evaporator, generally on the passenger side of the car under the hood near the fire wall. This component should be replaced each and every time any part on your air conditioning system is changed. This changing of your Chevrolet A/C receiver drier and accumulator is required since each time this closed loop system is opened, moisture will enter it. The old A/C receiver drier that is on the system will then become saturated and no longer be able to remove the trapped moisture in the system. By ensuring the technician that works on your air conditioning system replaces the A/C receiver drier and accumulator, you are helping your cabin cooling system to last longer and it to function correctly so the enjoyment of cool air in the future is possible. Today every model of Chevrolet has this component on them. If your air conditioning system is failing remember this will not only affect its ability to cool the passenger compatment in the summer months but also in clearing fog and moisture from the windshield when the defroster is switched on in the cold winter months.

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