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Ford A/C Receiver Drier & Accumulator

It is the Ford A/C receiver drier and accumulator that remove the harmful moisture from climate control system. The removal of moisture is necessary because water and refrigerant form an acid which eats away at the aluminum components of your air conditioning system causing leaks and holes. The A/C receiver drier or accumulator is on the low pressure side of your air conditioning system. It can be near the condenser in the front of your Ford or near the evaporator. Many of the older style of A/C receiver driers have a sight glass in them. If you see bubbles in this sight glass, your air conditioning system is not fully charged with refrigerant. The nipple on the A/C receiver drier is also the portal most technicians hook up their gages up with. This is also the portal in which the new refrigerant is added to the air conditioning system because it is on the low pressure side of the system. The replacement of the Ford A/C receiver drier and accumulator is required each and every time any component of your A/C system is replaced. This is to be done since this closed loop system has to be opened for the replacement part to be put into place. This allows moisture to enter the system on your Ford which has to be removed no matter how fast the technician is in replacing the part. The A/C receiver drier and accumulator on your Ford along with all other parts of the air conditioning system can only be replaced by an authorized technician. The US government regulates the discharge of refrigerant from older air conditioning systems stating it must be properly disposed of.

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