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If the air conditioning system in your car, truck, or SUV is not functioning appropriately this condition could be due to a defective A/C servo. These components are very essential to establish the appropriate airflow within the system. If the amount of air being released from the vents seems to be insufficient you should conduct a thorough inspection to verify the serviceability level of these devices. When one or more of these components is malfunctioning the entire system is being over tasked with negative results. This condition can cause premature compressor failure at some point due to the inaccurate sensor readings caused by restricted air flow within the system. Replacing a defective air conditioning servo in a timely manner will prevent the requirement for more extensive repairs.

An A/C servo is a very small motor that rotates as required to adjust the flapper valves incorporated within the HVAC system of a car or truck. Based on the configuration of the system and the application requirements several of these devices may work in conjunction to establish the correct airflow. Depending on the make, model, and year of the vehicle it may integrate three or more of these components. One to control the air mix, one to control the inlet air flow, and one to control the outlet air flow is the most common configuration.