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Chevrolet ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

The Chevrolet ABS Wheel Speed Sensor is one of the newer devices in place on your vehicle to help the driver maintain control over their vehicle. There is one of the ABS wheel speed sensors near each of the four wheels of your Chevrolet.

The function of the ABS wheel speed sensor is to relay to the onboard computer when the wheel is locking up during a braking procedure. This information will then be relayed to the ABS system and an adjustment to the pressure being applied to the brake on that wheel will then be reduced so the wheel will begin to turn again. This is done so skidding and sliding in inclement weather conditions can be avoided.

The inability of the Chevrolet ABS wheel speed sensor to function can be several things. The sensor can be obstructed by dirt or debris. The wire leading the computer can also be damaged along with the ABS wheel speed sensor malfunctioning on your Chevrolet. When any of these conditions occur, the ABS light will become illuminated on your dash board informing the driver of a problem with the ABS system. When this condition is present, an inspection of the ABS system including the ABS wheel speed sensor should be scheduled in the very near future.

The inspection has to include the entire system on your Chevrolet since there can be more than one problem with it. If the ABS light is just ignored, then the braking system on your vehicle will not function as it was designed to and a wheel could lock up in the braking process. This would be an undesirable situation to happen to any driver maneuvering on the ice or water.

It is the Chevrolet ABS Wheel Speed Sensor that transmits the data about the condition of your wheel during the braking procedure to the onboard computer. The data the ABS wheel speed sensor sends is very simple. Is the wheel turning or is it locked up.

The reason the ABS wheel speed sensor along with the rest of the ABS system has become standard equipment on all Chevrolet vehicles is for safety purposes. This is the system that prevents the wheel from locking up when the driver of the vehicle smashes the brakes on when they are on ice, snow or water in which normally the wheels would lock up. When the wheels lock up, the driver will no longer have control over the direction the vehicle is traveling. It is the Chevrolet ABS wheel speed sensor that sends the message to the braking system that less pressure should be applied to that specific brake so the wheel can be permitted to turn once more on your Chevrolet.

The ABS light will illuminate on the dashboard of the Chevrolet when there is a problem with this system. The most common problem is from the signal from the ABS wheel speed sensor not being received by the onboard computer. This happens when the sensor has become faulty, the wire is broken or has become disconnected or the sensor is covered with debris it has picked up from the road?s surface.

Fixing this condition including the replacement of the ABS wheel speed sensor has to be accomplished for the ABS system to return to an operational status. Until that procedure is completed, the possibility of a wheel locking up in inclement weather conditions has just increased considerably.

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