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Dodge ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

The prevention of the locking up of your wheels is made possible because of the function of the Dodge ABS Wheel Speed Sensors on your vehicle. These are the safety devices that are in place so the current condition of the wheel on your Dodge will be known to the onboard computer and the ABS system.

There is one ABS wheel speed sensor assigned for detecting the moment of each wheel on your Dodge. They are in place so if your vehicle encounters slipper road conditions and the brakes are applied, the wheels will not lock up causing the driver to lose control of their vehicle when it is in motion.

If just one of the Dodge ABS wheel speed sensors fail to function properly be sending a signal of the condition of the wheel, the ABS light will become illuminated on the dash warning the driver of this potentially hazardous system failure on their vehicle. The problem could be a faulty ABS wheel speed sensor, the wire to the sensor being disconnected or broken or the sensor being covered by road debris. This road debris can be simple to clean off if it is only dirt or mud. Once the problem is diagnosed and the situation with the ABS wheel speed sensor is fixed, the ABS system will return to normal and the light will go off on the dashboard.

The danger of not addressing the problem when there is a not a signal from one or more of the ABS wheel speed sensors is that in slippery conditions one or more of the wheels could lock up unexpectedly on the driver sending the Dodge vehicle into a spin which would be undesirable by anyone.

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