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Honda ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

There are several Honda ABS wheel speed sensors on your vehicle. This is the safety device that sends a signal to your onboard computer informing it of the speed at which your wheels are turning when the brakes are applied. The reason for the ABS wheel speed sensors along with the rest of this safety system is to prevent the wheels from locking up during a braking procedure. It accomplishes this by intermittently delivering hydraulic pressure to the brake calipers rather than allowing them to close abruptly with full force. It is not really necessary on dry pavement, but on wet and icy pavements this is the device that helps the driver to maintain control of their vehicle. The most common reason for a faulty reading from one of the ABS wheel speed sensors on your Honda car is that the end of it is covered with dirt or debris. Another common reason for failure could be that the wire which connects the Honda ABS wheel speed sensor to the computer is broken or becomes detached. Since it is an electronic device it will also fail over time as all electrical components do requiring it to be replaced. Replacing of the ABS wheel speed sensor on your Honda is a procedure the owner can do themselves. The first indication that there is problem is when the ABS light appears on the dash. Then the owner should inspect the sensors on each of the wheels. If there is no dirt or debris on them and the wires are all hooked up the code from the onboard computer will indicate just which one has failed. By disconnecting the battery before this produce of replacing the ABS wheel speed sensor on your Honda, not only will the chances of an electrical shock occurring be removed, but also the code will be cleared from the system so a faulty reading on the dash will not occur.

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