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Scion ABS Wheel Speed Sensor

Superior Scion vehicles demand superior parts... of course.

Seeing that you have passion for a Scion, you should accept that maintaining it in good shape is imperative. Obviously, Scion is known for dependability and Japanese engineering. But when something breaks you have to replace it by using the best replacement ABS Wheel Speed Sensor parts possible. If you find yourself stranded and are in need of parts to fix your Scion, then you've come to the right place. When a ABS Wheel Speed Sensor fails it can make for an extremely inconvenient experience for even the most seasoned drivers.

Owning a car with a faulty ABS Wheel Speed Sensor is dangerous and should be avoided.

A great innovation in vehicle safety occurred in the 1970s when ABS wheel speed sensors were implemented to stabilize and help control vehicle speed in bad weather. You can usually find these mounted to your wheel hubs, and they observe and report your wheels' speeds and the vehicle's speed to your Scion ECU. When one of your ABS sensors detects a difference, the ABS module will deliver intermittently varying amounts of hydraulic pressure to the brake calipers in an attempt to stabilize the vehicle. Trust the safety of your Scion with these new parts, and get back on the road.

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