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Very few vehicles can claim to have given birth to a market. And while it's impossible to determine who coined the term "crossover", the Acura MDX was among the first to the party. It featured unibody construction rather than chassis-on-frame, which was definitely not the norm for luxury 7-passenger vehicles at the time it was introduced in 2001. The first generation was modestly powered and featured a capable all wheel drive system, however suffered from slight malaise in the area of design. This was quickly remedied for the second generation when it received a complete refresh of the chassis, all new interior packages (including GPS navigation, DVD players, satellite radio, wireless headphones, and the list goes on), a much more powerful engine, and redesigned all wheel drive technology with tuned suspension. It was clear, all new Acura MDX parts were now assembled to create a SUV that would rival all those in its class. Fun fact: a commercial for the 2014 Acura MDX shows a family of 5 and 90 cubic feet of potato salad fitting comfortably inside the vehicle.