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First car to feature aluminum body panels, first Japanese model to compete in the exotic car market, and first to feature both variable valve timing (VTEC) and variable volume intake manifold to optimize compression - the Acura NSX was a true innovator. The 3.0L engine is made from an aluminum block and contains titanium connecting rods and forged pistons. Power output ranged anywhere from 252-290hp depending on the year of release and the transmission that it was paired with. Suspension components, the monocoque unibody, and wheels were also all forged aluminum. The dedication to reducing weight through the use of light and expensive metals when making Acura NSX parts contributed to the excellent performance this super car would exhibit on the track (0-60mph in 5.03s, and quarter-mile in 13.47s). Over the 15 years that this car was produced, it was lauded and praised as Honda's finest vehicle and still maintains a healthy following of enthusiasts. Fun fact: fewer than 9,000 units were sold worldwide.