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Successor to the extremely popular Legend, the Acura RL entered the market with big shoes to fill. Drivers of the first generation RL will know that even though it is a full size vehicle, it was slightly smaller than its competition and didn't pack as much punch under the hood. Though there were a few slight shortcomings, Acura really hit the nail on the head when it came to reliability and value. This is where the Acura RL shined, and after a slight refresh in 1999 it became a much more appealing consideration for full size buyers. In 2005, Acura took another step in order to beef up the RL's position by redesigning the body, swapping the old 225hp V6 for a new V6 with VTEC making 290hp, and making their new SH-AWD torque vectoring drive train standard. The second generation (2005-2012) Acura RL parts were clearly superior to the first, and this new car was much more of a hit amongst buyers. Plus, a price tag of circa-$50,000 for a new RL was much more appealing than that of its competition. Fun fact: in the mid 1990's, Honda changed the naming designations for their entire Acura line to simple 2 or 3 letter abbreviations because consumers were so familiar with the model names that the auto maker felt their brand's name was becoming less and less relevant.