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As a replacement for the Integra, Acura let the RSX loose on the North American market in 2002. In keeping with the 2 or 3 letter naming convention, it gave the USDM Integra the name RSX which was short for Rally Sportscar eXperimental. The base model sent a decent 160hp to the front wheels, which propelled the 2,800-lb. car around the track and through turns very well. But when the Type-S 200-210hp engine is at full revs, the 0-60mph and quarter mile times were lowered by about 1 full second. Acura RSX parts are virtually the same as the JDM Honda Integra. This generation was the last model in the series, discontinued in 2006 as Acura sought to market itself as a luxury brand without need for a sport compact. Fun fact: unfortunately, the rate of driver fatality risk for the Acura RSX was twice the average for other vehicles in the 2-door subcompact class.