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BMW Air Filter & Cleaner

Just like any other car the BMW air filter and cleaner is an inexpensive auto part that is crucial to the performance and longevity of your luxury automobile. The job this element does is to prevent the smallest debris from entering your intake. This includes particles so small, down to 5 microns, that you cannot see them with your naked eye. The air filter and cleaner on your BMW has a paper element. This element cannot be cleaned like some aftermarket filters can that are made out of a foam material. You can remove this part and shake off some of the larger deposits of dirt, leaves and other items that have become lodged in it but the micron size particles will remain and cannot be effectively removed. The replacing of your BMW air filter and cleaner is generally done as part of your routine tune up that is performed by a qualified technician. The shaking out of the large debris from the air filter and cleaner can be scheduled by the BMW owner half way thru that cycle of tune ups. This will help to make sure there are no large obstructions for the air to flow around or be displaced and change the amount of air that should be entering your fuel system. It is true that the many sensors your BMW is equipped with can make adjustments if there is a blockage in your air filter and cleaner, but that adjustment can only do so much and as a responsible owner, to carry out this routine maintenance should always be performed periodically. No one desires to be driving down the road in an underperforming car because they forget to check their air filer and cleaner.

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