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Dodge W100 Series Air Filter & Cleaner

Keeping your W100 Series in top shape is your top priority.

Select Your VehicleObviously, you bought your W100 Series because you understood you would be getting great performance and American engineering both rolled up into one car, truck, or SUV. While it may not be difficult to buy replacement parts for Dodge vehicles, these days the necessity for nothing but the highest quality are required to repair your car or truck. Car aficionados appreciate the a quality brand built into each Dodge, and know that only the highest quality repair W100 Series parts will suffice when repairs are needed. Dodge vehicle owners have grown accustomed to a certain level of dependability when driving their W100 Series around town.

Why Air Filter & Cleaner replacement is so important.

An important factor in fuel efficiency is the appropriate mix of air and fuel. Your Dodge W100 Series has an internal combustion engine that mixes fuel with air before it detonates, and an air filter needs to remove dust and debris before it is ignited. Without an air filter or air cleaner in your engine, your fuel would be filled with particulates from outside. This will clog fuel injectors and lower the octane in your fuel; leading to a lack of power produced by your engine. And unless your Dodge W100 Series air filter is replaced regularly it will fill up with dust and dirt, reduce the amount of air entering the intake, and create poor gas mileage. Clearly, replacement air filters are a necessity for everyone.

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