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GMC Air Filter & Cleaner

A GMC air filter and cleaner is the particulate removing device on the intake section of your engine that will make experiencing your engine's maximum performance possible. As with all filtering devices the air filter must be placed on a periodic maintenance schedule so it can be replaced before the engine's performance is hindered by it becoming clogged with material in the filter element. The changing of the air filter in the cleaner box on your GMC vehicle is not something most owners think about until their engine is being robbed of sufficient air flow for it to function as desired. For this reason is should be on the periodic maintenance schedule to be replaced during a tune up. This will make it possible for the GMC air filter and cleaner to allow the air to flow at its maximum levels improving the performance of your truck. By not replacing this component at this schedule replacement time will only hinder the overall performance of the engine and why it is recommended to be done at this time. At the half way point between tune ups, many GMC truck owners also pull their air filter out of the cleaner box and shake out the debris that has collected in it. This can only remove the larger particulates but will to some degree improve the air flow. The micron particulates will remain even if compressed air is used to blow particulates off the air filter. Only replacement can remove these very minute particles from the paper element. All of the scheduled maintenance that should be performed on your GMC truck should be completed on or near the target date. Waiting a few days or a week will not matter but putting it off for months will reduce the efficiency of your engine performance.

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