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With a new Kia air filter and cleaner, your engine will be able to achieve maximum performance when call upon. This is the engine component that will help to keep the intake manifold, carburetor or throttle body, and fuel injectors of the motor clean of small particulates. Many of them can be as small as 5 microns. The air filter and cleaner on your Kia is one of the many components that should be on a periodic maintenance schedule for being replaced. The time period for this changing of the filter is partially determined by the air quality the vehicle travels in on a regular basis, but in most instances it is scheduled when the vehicle is having an annual tune up. Many technicians recommend that at about 6 months the Kia air filter and cleaner should be pulled and have the larger particles removed from it. This is not a bad idea since the larger particles will obstruct the air's pathway into the engine the most. The shaking and even the blowing of the air filter and cleaner box will remove a large amount of trapped dirt and debris, but not all of it. That is because many of the most harmful particulates to your engine are smaller than a person's hair. It is these particulates that are trapped in the air filter and can't be removed and the main reason this engine component on your Kia has to be periodically replaced. The inspection of the air filter and cleaner box on the Kia engine is very easy. This is the component covering the air intake section of your engine. When it is pulled out and inspected, light should be able to be seen when looking thru the element portion of it. The greater level of light that can be seen means the few number of particles are trapped in it.

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