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Lexus Air Filter & Cleaner

The periodical replacement of the Lexus Air Filter and Cleaner is required so the flow of air into your engine remains unimpeded. For the best performance from your engine a new air filter and cleaner should be included in the routine tune-up your Lexus engine receives.

The element in your Lexus air filter and cleaner is designed to trap small particulates so they cannot enter your intake system which could damage or clog some of the components. Because it is basically a trap, it does not only have to be replaced, but it is recommended that it also be cleaned in-between replacement procedures. This can be accomplished by removing the air filter and cleaner and just shaking out the larger debris that has become trapped in it. The tubing connecting the filter to the intake should also be cleaned of any debris.

The Lexus owner can also inspect the air filter and cleaner by removing it from the engine and looking through the element. By holding it up to a light source, a small amount of light should be able to penetrate it and can be observed. If no light is seen coming through the element, them the pores of the air filter and cleaner are filled with minute particulates and it should be immediately replaced.

In time from being used all air filter and cleaner will become clogged. The onboard computer is programmed for this and can make adjustments to the air and fuel mixture. This adjustment is limited and after a point it can no longer perform this function. This is when the performance and mileage of the Lexus engine will be negatively affected by the trapped particulates in the filter element. Only the replacement of this engine component can remedy this situation.

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