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Mercedes-Benz Air Filter & Cleaner

The cleaning power of the Mercedes-Benz air filter and cleaner is the strongest when it is new. As time progresses and the more this engine component is used, micron sized particulates begin to fill the pores of the filtering device. These particulates cannot be completely removed; which is why this component has to be periodically replaced. The air filter and cleaner box on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is located in the upper portion of the engine. It is connected to the air intake system via a conduit or thick hose. Not only should the air filter and cleaner box be periodically inspected for debris, but this hose should be looked at as well. If any large pieces are found, they should be removed so it does not have a chance to impair the performance of the Mercedes-Benz engine. An inspection of the Mercedes-Benz air filter and cleaner is accomplished by pulling this component out of its casing and looking through the paper element. If light can be seen emanating through the paper or cloth filter element, there are still open pores in it. If all or most of the light appears to be blocked, the small pores of the air filter already contain micron sized particulates and should be replaced. Since this is an important engine component, its replacement should be on the periodic maintenance schedule you have for your vehicle. It is recommended that during each tune-up, it should be replaced. It should also be cleaned several times between tune-ups by being removed and the larger particles shaken out of it. This will prevent the air filter and cleaner from becoming clogged on your Mercedes-Benz engine starving it of the air required for it to operate properly.

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