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If your car, truck, or SUV fails an emissions test then a probable cause may be a defective or clogged air injection pipe. In most circumstances when this malfunction is present the engine light should be illuminated due to an insufficient airflow condition. You may also notice that the air pump is making a winding noise when you initially start your vehicle. This situation is created by the lack of airflow because the air injection pipes are clogged or damaged. This malfunction must be addressed immediately and properly repaired to avoid more extensive repair requirements. These components are essential to the proper function of the catalytic converter and it may become clogged and require replacement that can be a very expensive process.

Air injection pipes are constructed utilizing a combination of materials such as plastic tubes, metal tubes, and rubber hoses. They are basically an air manifold assembly that routes pressurize air from the air pump to the exhaust manifold. The oxygen mixes with the exhaust gases to burn them instead of them just exiting through the exhaust pipe. This process also improves the efficiency of the catalytic converter. The burning gases assist the catalytic converter in the warming process when a cold engine is started. The end result is less exhaust gases being emitted through the exhaust which reduces pollution levels created by automobiles.

Air injection pipe replacement contains several variables depending of the car, truck, or SUV that you are performing this procedure on. In most situations you will be required to remove several obstructions or components to access these components. They are normally connected by a series of clamps or couplings. When installing the new devices it is essential that they are secured appropriately and establish an air tight seal.

When buying air injection pipes they must be quality OEM replacement parts that you can reply on to function correctly. In most states an emissions test is required to register your car, truck, or SUV and when these components are not precise it will not pass. Car Parts Discount is an awesome resource to purchase quality emissions components that you can count on at an affordable price.