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With the aftermarket Honda Air Intake System installed on your vehicle, it will finally be able to breathe. The stock air intake systems are not designed for top performance. They are designed to make the Honda engine last as long as possible. This is one of the detuning devices engineered into your vehicle so it will last for many decades.

What the engineers will not tell the public is that there are aftermarket components, like the air intake systems that are available which will not hinder the life expectancy of the engine under the hood of your Honda. All these aftermarket systems do is to make it easier for the air to enter your engine. The stock components are designed to make the air tumble. This slows the flow of air and causes turbulent to be created which restricts the air flow into the cylinders. As anyone can guess, a restriction hinders the performance of the engine.

The modification of the Honda air intake system can be as simple as changing the style and type of air filter that is used. Many of the available air filters that are considered part of an aftermarket air intake system will allow for a greater volume of air to flow into your engine. They will also need to be inspected and cleaned more often. This is the trade off when a Honda owner decides performance is more important than just driving their vehicle around town. For most of them it is well worth the time and effort this simple type of modification of installing an aftermarket air intake system provides for them, especially when they smash the gas pedal and feel the pull of their more powerful engine.