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The types of Nissan Air Intake system that can be purchased on the aftermarket can only improve the overall performance of your vehicle. The leading difference in the aftermarket air intake systems and those that comes stock on a Nissan vehicle is their ability to allow for the air to flow unobstructed into the engine.

The engineers are told to make the stock air intake system in a way that literally detunes the engine so maximum performance cannot be achieved. This is a common practice in the auto industry. They do this in hope the engines will not be modified and the components that power the vehicle will have an increased longevity to them.

Luckily for the Nissan owner that desires more speed and better performance from their engine, the aftermarket air intake systems are inexpensive and deliver the power they so desire. Another advantage of the aftermarket Nissan air intake system is they are very easy to install. This is one of the performance components that is considered to be a bolt on accessory. This only requires a simple set of tools and nothing has to be modified, in most instances for it to be properly installed.

There are many that believe if an aftermarket air intake system is installed to make the engine breath easier, the exhaust system should also be modified. The logic is sound since more air is entering the engine, more will be leaving it. If the exhaust system is restrictive, then the overall performance the Nissan owner was trying to achieve will not be fulfilled. This exhaust modification can be as simple as a new less restrictive muffler is put into place.