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There are many different types of aftermarket Toyota Air Intake Systems that can be bolted in place on your vehicle. The reason this is done by so many Toyota owners is that these new air intake systems improve the performance of their engine.

The stock air intake systems are designed to slightly detune your engine so its performance is hindered. This is done on purpose so the vehicle is easier to handle by an inexperienced driver. The aftermarket Toyota air intake systems are designed to allow more air to flow into the system in a smoother fashion so the engine literally breaths easier. This is a simple component to install since it is a bolt on type of application.

The results the Toyota owner will be able to realize with a new air intake system is a higher level of horsepower being produced by their engine over a greater range of torque. This type of bolt on accessory is the easiest and lowest cost way to improve the performance of your engine for the driver to utilize as they see fit to.

For most Toyota owners that install an aftermarket air intake system, they also place a new type of freer flowing exhaust system on their vehicle. This is the second least expensive type of bolt on component that is used to improve the performance e of your vehicle. These two systems complement each other. Since more air is flowing in, the engine will produce a greater amount of exhaust gases. By providing a means for this increased level of volume of gases to be transported away from the engine will improve the overall performance of the engine for the driver to use when they want to go faster down the road.