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Air Pump Compressor Filter

Aftermarket & OEM Air Pump Compressor Filter

A clogged Air Pump Filter on your automatic suspension leveling system will cause the rear of the vehicle to either be slow in adjusting to the new weight or possibly not work at all. The air pump on this system is only capable of generating a low amount of pressure. With the Air Compressor Filter clogged, the ability of the system to receive the compressed air is severely hindered. This will lead to the rear of the vehicle sagging when weight is placed in the trunk of the vehicle like luggage or other items that can be temporality stored there.

The automated suspension Air Compressor Filter can be in several different configurations on a vehicle depending on the make and model of your vehicle. A majority of them resemble a cylinder type canister that is similar to an inline fuel filter. It is located on the underside of the vehicle in the rear. The air line from the shock can be traced back to the compressor. Near the air compressor is the Air Compressor Filter. This is generally on the intake side of the compressor so the pump can receive purified air and remain clean so it can function properly.

The replacement of the Air Pump Filter requires that the air in that system be released. Once the canister has been located, the clamps on the connecting hoses need to be loosened and the old canister removed. Be careful when installing the new one so it is placed in the correct position. Just like a fuel filter, the new Air Pump Filter will only permit air to flow in one direction because of the check valve present in its makeup.