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If the drive belt on the engine of your car, truck, or SUV is exhibiting a very annoying winding noise this may be due to a worn or defective alternator pulley. You should conduct a thorough visual inspection with the engine running to determine the serviceability of this device. Depending on the nature of the malfunction the pulley may display a noticeable wobbling effect. If this situation does not present itself you should shut the motor off and inspect the belt and pulley assembly. You should attempt to move the pulley back and forth to examine the stability of this device. If it moves at all then it is defective and requires replacement as soon as possible. Early detection and the accomplishment of the appropriate repairs will prevent damage to associated components.

An alternator pulley is a key component in an engine's accessory drive system that associated devices depend on for appropriate operation. This part transfers the centrifugal force developed by the motor's crankshaft through the accessory drive system to the alternator drive shaft for it to function correctly. They are designed to meet the specific application requirements. They are driven by an accessory drive belt or the serpentine belt determined by the configuration incorporated. The alignment and tension applied to associated components is often established by the alternator pulley and the drive system is disabled if it is malfunctioning.

The complexity level for replacing an alternator pulley is established by the location and the accessibility of the alternator. In most situations you will be required to remove obstacles that obstruct its access and remove the alternator from the motor to complete this procedure. You may require a pulley puller based on the mounting method incorporated. After the reinstallation of the alternator you must adjust the alignment and belt tension.

When purchasing the new alternator pulley it must meet all of the OEM requirements to function appropriately. This is a vital component of the charging system on your car or truck and the quality of this device is essential. Car Parts Discount is a leader in the industry when it comes to quality replacement parts that you can depend on to accomplish quality repairs on all of your vehicles.