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The Honda alternator is the power source for all of the electrical needs when your vehicle is operating. This engine component is generally located on the front of the engine near the top so it can be serviced. It receives it centrifugal power from the drive belt that spins the alternator pulley, producing electricity.

The alternator on your Honda engine is made to produce over 13 volts continuously over its lifespan. When it drops below this level of voltage, it is considered to be malfunctioning and in need of replacement. The reasoning behind this is that each electrical component of your car draws 12 volts of electricity to operate at its full capacity. If the alternator is just producing 12 volts, then only one system can be operating at full capacity at a time. Since the Honda engine runs off of electricity for the spark, then nothing else can be turned on or each component will not be receiving 12 volts.

Select Your ModelThe testing of the alternator can be accomplished in two ways. A voltage meter can be hook up to the output side of this electrical component and the reading observed. An easy way is to start your engine then turn on the lights. As a new electrical component is turned on, the light will begin to dim if the Honda alternator is faulty and not producing at least 13 volts of electricity. If the lights go dim momentarily then back to full strength, the electrical component is still producing over 12 volts, but not by much. With your Honda pumping out more than 12 volts, the battery can also be sufficiently charged so it will be able to start your vehicle in the future.

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