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The electrical power generated from the Mazda alternator is what provides the electrical current that is used by your vehicle when the engine is operating. Its only purpose is to produce a minimum of 13 volts so other accessories on your Mazda can operate when the driver needs them too. You will almost always find the alternator on your Mazda engine at the front of it. It receives its energy to operate from the drive belt; as it uses the centrifugal power of the engine to turn a pulley. This electrical component generally remains operational for 100,000 miles or more, but will eventually fail. There are two easy methods for the testing of the alternator on any Mazda vehicle. The first one involves the use of a voltage meter. This can be attached to the output of the alternator and a reading taken. The voltage being produced should be over 13 volts. Do not be worried if it is more, the voltage regulator will discharge any excessive amount of voltage so your electrical system will not be over loaded. The second type of test the owner of the vehicle can conduct to determine if the Mazda alternator is working properly involves no tools or devices. This requires the engine to be running and the headlights on. As additional electrical components on the vehicle are turned on, the brightness of the headlights should be observed. If the headlights dim even momentarily, the amount of voltage the alternator is producing is not sufficient for the vehicle to operate at its maximum capacity. If this does occur during your test, find a voltmeter to confirm the failing of this electrical component. With confirmation the electrical component should then be replaced.

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