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Select Your VehicleAnyone still driving an American classic car from the early days is surely a proud owner. Since NOS American Motors parts are almost impossible to find, most restoration experts are forced to search through junk yards for worn, rusty bits that can be refurbished. Fortunately we offer a wide variety of new replacement American Motors components, including many rebuilt from original AMC cores. No longer must an classic car restoration enthusiast spend his or her afternoons at salvage yards when they can buy from the CPD reproduction American Motors parts catalog, saving them a substantial amount of time, money and aggravation.

History of American Motors Components

American Motors LogoFormed in 1954 as a marriage between automobile manufacturers Nash and Hudson, the American Motors brand was initially designed to compete with the nation's "Big Three" (GM, Ford, Chrysler). Initially AMC's auto sales were slow, but thanks to the tremendously popular "second car" Nash Metropolitan (of which nearly 100,000 were sold), which was designed by Austin and built in Europe but only sold in the United States. The automaker focused on a smaller offering of car lines, aimed at keeping the cost of quality American Motors components low while keeping fuel efficiency high. But in a few short years they were introducing a larger and more powerful line of sporty and mid-sized cars. The secret to their early success was a low cost operation that used many of the same American Motors parts and motors as the company's other brands. This gave it the ability to quickly develop and introduce new models such as the Rambler, Marlin, Ambassador, Javelin and AMX. The Rambler became so popular that it was assembled from pieces in factories world-wide, including Australia, South America, New Zeland and Mexico. In fact, the police department in Taiwan even used the Rambler as its patrol car.

The company continued its success through the 70's with the introduction of other models like the Hornet and Gremlin; both of which shared many of the same American Motors parts and components. The Matador replaced the Rambler as their mid-size offering, and achieved a fair amount of success in its early years. What should have been a hit, but fell short of the mark, was the Pacer. Since it was underpowered, it was not terribly fun to drive. It also didn't share many pieces with the other cars, which made it expensive to produce. However, when fully restored to its original showroom condition, the American Motors Pacer still looks fantastic.

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