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Formerly built by Nash until 1957, the AMC Ambassador became a nameplate in 1958. The first couple of years were tough for the Ambassador as it went through a slight identity crisis and struggled to find its place in a market dominated by the Big Three. As a cost cutting measure, it abandoned its full-sized frame in 1962 and went to a mid-sized car. This was advantageous for AMC as it was already producing cars in that segment and it could source American Motors Ambassador parts from other cars in its line. Thanks to this, AMC could now take some of its savings and put it into appointing the Ambassador with some more luxurious options. As the years went on, the Ambassador continued to see several redesigns that would continue to keep the car interesting and relevant. Fun fact: a 1972 Popular Mechanics article reported results from a 1,000,000 mile survey of Ambassador drivers that included a 92% of buyers who said they would buy another - the car was discontinued in 1974.