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What else can be said about the late, great AMC Eagle? It was a convertible, a wagon, a hatchback, a sedan, and a coupe. Some say it launched the crossover market before it became a market. Perhaps the most famous looking of these epic vehicles is the 4x4 station wagon with its faux wood paneling and high ground clearance. Its four-wheel-drive configuration helped it compete rather successfully in the SCCA rally and autocross events of the 1980's. Of the approximately 200,000 AMC Eagles made, three quarters were wagons. Another notable model was the Eagle Kammback, which had two full doors and no rear door - just the same lift-up rear window found on the Gremlin. But no matter what body style you're driving, we likely have the American Motors Eagle parts you are looking for. Fun fact: from 1980-88, the Eagle was the only four-wheel-drive passenger car made in the US.