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After the introduction of the Gremlin in early 1970, the cement dried on AMC's reputation as a small car producer. This was considered, at the time, one of the best responses to the energy crisis and subsequent regulations of the auto industry on emissions and fuel efficiency. From 1970-78, sales topped 600,000 units; 1974 being the most popular with over 170,000 sold. The body underwent a slight restyling of the grille and tail light panel in 1974, but other than that there were no notable exterior changes or modification to American Motors Gremlin parts during the vehicle's production. Buyers had the option of buying an economically equipped Gremlin with a small 4-cylinder engine with few amenities, or a more powerful version with a 304ci V8, a sunroof, and disc brakes. Unfortunately, the Gremlin ceased production in 1978 and would be succeeded by the Eagle Kammback a few years later. Fun fact: the design concept for the AMC Gremlin was drawn by Richard Teague during a flight on an air sickness bag.