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Before there was the famous AMC Eagle, there was the Hornet. This vehicle was immensely popular, selling almost 865,000 units in just 8 years. From 1970-77, the AMC Hornet was a coupe, a sedan, a hatchback, or a wagon. American Motors really cemented itself as a compact car maker in the 1970's that offered a trimmed down vehicle that could come in many different body styles while still being built on a single platform, saving money during the manufacturing process. You'll find that many American Motors Hornet parts are interchangeable across models, from the Gremlin to the Concord to the Spirit. Unfortunately, most of these cars are not on the road anymore. Since they were an economy car, most owners did not consider them collectibles. Fun fact: the AMC Hornet offered a luxury trim package on their wagons that included the 309ci V8 engine, specially padded arm rests and door panels, a small writing desk that came out of the center console, and a miniature liquor cabinet behind the driver's seat - all created and packaged by the Italian fashion designer Aldo Gucci.