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Definitely one of the most unique vehicles ever produced in America, the AMC Pacer began life as a quirky and stylish economy car. It was as wide as other domestic full-size vehicles, but its wheelbase was only 100in. and it weighed only 3,000-lbs. American Motors Pacer parts production and assembly posed a unique challenge to designers, since AMC could not invest enough into tooling to build everything themselves. Thus, outsourcing and sharing between other models was required to bring the Pacer to market. Customers had many choices when buying the Pacer, as six different trim levels were offered during its production. Options included remote mirrors and roof racks, woodgrain instrument panels, power locks and doors, leather seats, and more. The most coveted of all special editions is the CGE Pacer, named after designer Carl Green. He would receive Pacers at his shop, and add body modifications and a 401ci V8 engine. Fun fact: the passenger side door was 4 inches longer than the driver side door to allow for easier loading into the back seats.