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Audi A8 Quattro Parts

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15 years before the Audi A8 was released, Audi design engineers started working on a project that would lead the full size luxury class market in one specific area: vehicle weight. They would make a car that was significantly lighter than all other vehicles in that space, and the easiest target for weight reduction was the vehicle's unibody. Instead of using steel (as it's the most conventional choice), Audi decided to give aluminum a shot. Weight savings were so drastic that Audi could afford to equip the A8 with standard all wheel drive and add the necessary driveline components. When combined with a powerful V8 and premium luxury amenities, Audi had a debut flagship to rival all in its class. Future evolutions of the A8 included different engine sizes, sportier suspension setups, and more stylish exteriors which greatly improved its standing in the market. It was clear from the beginning that Audi A8 Quattro parts were of the highest quality - and still are. Fun fact: an ambitious project from the start, the prototype for the all-aluminum Audi Space Frame cost $700 million to develop.