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A/C Belt Idler Pulley

Aftermarket & OEM A/C Belt Idler Pulley

If you acknowledge an annoying squealing noise when you turn on the air conditioner in your car, truck, or SUV you should inspect the serviceability of the A/C belt idler pulley. If this component does not move freely and apply the appropriate tension then the operation of this system is hindered. Early detection of this malfunction is essential to avoid more extensive repair requirements. Depending on the configuration of the accessory drive system, several associated components could be damaged. One of the worst case scenarios is damage to the A/C compressor due to the cost of replacement and the other associated requirements. Compressor replacement requires evacuation, recharging, and drier strainer replacement which could be avoided by replacing the pulley in a timely manner.

A/C belt idler pulleys are designed in different configurations and are mounted to the air conditioning compressor. They operate in conjunction with the clutch assembly on the compressor to accomplish smooth transition when it engages and disengages. When the system is not required, the pulley maintains the required centrifugal force to operate the compressor when required. This component is also very essential to facilitate other accessory drive components as well. Depending on the drive belt routing, the pulley may assist the operation of the power steering pump, air pump, or other accessory components.