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Did you notice that your A/C compressor was working just fine and then suddenly just stopped? That is a fail-safe engineered into the component, and performed by a cutoff switch. When pressure inside the A/C compressor exceeds a predetermined level, the most logical explanation is that there is a fault in the system somewhere; either the compressor on another component on the high-pressure side is malfunctioning and building up pressure to an excessive amount. The A/C compressor high pressure cutoff switch detects this and shuts down the motor inside the compressor; putting an end to the cool air coming out of your vents.

Automobile air conditioning was pioneered in the 1930s, but didn't really become widely used until the late 1950s. The key to its sudden success 20 years after it was created was integrating the system within the engine compartment, and driving it off a belt. That is where the A/C compressor comes in. It uses a vane or scroll pump to compress refrigerant inside of it, and delivers it to an expansion valve. That valve then distributes it in gas form to the evaporator where it turns into cold air. But when this pressure exceeds the level determined to be safe by the systems engineer, a compressor high pressure cutoff switch turns the whole thing off. For some, this means the end of the party. But if this switch was bypassed and pressure was allowed to build in your compressor, it could blow up.

The A/C pressure cutoff switch typically resides on the back of the compressor, though it really could be anywhere on the high-pressure side (including one of the liquid lines). It is a screw in type switch, and typically has a two-wire harness connector. Replacing the compressor high pressure switch is a piece of cake, and only requires you observe basic safety precautions like disconnecting the battery and to discharge the system first.

Car Parts Discount always recommends professional installation of all air conditioning components, as federal regulations have protocols for the capture and disposal of liquid refrigerant. But when it comes to buying replacement parts, like your A/C compressor high pressure cutoff switch, you can't do any better than CPD. On our website, we carry parts from the top name brands in new replacement HVAC parts. So rest assured that you will get your climate control system back to operational status ASAP with a new A/C pressure switch.