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A leaking A/C evaporator core needs to be replaced ASAP.

One of the main components of your vehicle's air conditioning system is the A/C evaporator which is the device that actually reduces the air temperature. If the A/C in your car appears to be working but is just blowing a warm breeze from the A/C vents, the cause could be probably the evaporator assembly. Nobody likes to ride around in a hot car when it's equipped with A/C, so it's very important to correct this malfunction just as soon as possible. When you operate your truck with the A/C running you have probably noticed water dripping from underneath of the vehicle when you get out of it. This is physics at work because warm, moist air flowing over the cold core forms condensation, which is basically water that drains from the A/C compartment. If your A/C is running and warm air is blowing from the vents and you don't see water dripping from under the engine area, then something in your A/C system is probably defective and requires replacement. Early detection and replacement is important because this could lead to more complicated issues such as damage to the A/C compressor which is a lot more expensive then the evaporator to replace.

Why do our vehicles have an A/C evaporator?

New A/C Evaporator CoreAir conditioning evaporators basically work the same as your truck's heater core, only instead of increasing the air temperature, it cools down the temperature. Warm air is drawn from the inside of the van or SUV by a blower motor and then passes through the evaporator fins, cooling the air. Then this refrigerated air is distributed back into the auto through the A/C vents. Most cores are made from aluminum to stay cooler and are constructed similar to your vehicle's radiator.

Not an easy job in most vehicles... proceed with caution.

Replacing an A/C evaporator can vary tremendously depending on what type of vehicle you have and the location of the assembly. The key thing to remember is they are normally located in the same vicinity as the heater core assembly because they share the same components to operate in most cases. Once you have located the air conditioning assembly you need to remove all obstructions and components to give you clear access to remove the core. This process may be time consuming depending on the vehicle or it could possibly have access from the engine compartment. Before you remove this component you need to make sure that all pressure has been safely released from the air conditioning system and captured. Then you remove and replace the A/C evaporator using the proper tools to prevent damage. After this component is replaced the AC system will need to be vacuumed down, leak checked, and recharged with Freon refrigerant.

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